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Momentum Advertising



Momentum Advertising offers access to one of the largest databases of targeted B2B and B2C customers in the world. The Momentum Advertising database has over 290,372,000  U.S.  business and consumers records; over 319,393,400 EU business and consumers records; and over 143,104,850 Latin America business and consumers records. To provide the cleanest marketing data in the industry Momentum Advertising updates the mailing records database over 1,360,000 times a day. Over 4,500,000 new records are received  annually and processed within Seven days of receipt. Over 90,000,000 contacts are made annually to verify, append, and update our marketing data.


When it comes to marketing and business, we get the big picture. But we also know that it’s equally important to turn strategy into successful execution. That’s why the Momentum Advertising practice doesn’t end with strategy and recommendations. We have the right specialists to see your programs through to the end.

Momentum Advertising



What We Do

  • Momentum Advertising drives your SALES

  • Connect your customers to your company, to your marketing efforts, and to each other.

  • Connect your marketing bringing together comprehensive data, your marketing campaigns and deep industry knowledge to deliver actionable insight that helps drive sales

How We Do It

Whatever your marketing objective may be (increasing traffic, making sales, lead generation, increasing your market presence, testing current or traditional campaigns) tapping into the Momentum Advertising resources will increase your sales and reduce your customer acquisition costs.



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Momentum Advertising

Momentum Advertising


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