Summer Leadership Conference in Concord, CA

Nothing says team bonding like a road trip, right? Most of the Momentum Ad team headed to Concord, CA to attend our seasonal leadership conference, a key networking event for client representatives and corporate trainers to learn more about the growth opportunities our business offers.

The morning started off with a necessary Starbucks run, followed by thirty minutes of socializing with other offices and leaders. At 9:00 am we headed into the meeting to hear from the first speaker, Matt Castillo. Matt shared all about how important the second interview is in the recruitment process. Great recruiting is the foundation to any sustainable, successful business and Matt shared key qualities he looks for in candidates who make it past the first round interview.

Next up we heard from Noah Dubale, who spoke on the importance of training and development. This is the bread and butter of our marketing and advertising business. We always encourage continuous growth in our representatives and give them the ongoing training and tools they need to be great leaders. Development never stops!

Ali Ala7mi came all the way from San Luis Obispo to share about how key road trips is for networking with other successful entrepreneurs in our business. Not only do we learn from leaders and managers in our own territory, but we encourage our client representatives and trainers to network with exceptional managers in other territories as well. Do you love traveling? Do you love building your network of business professionals? Then consider joining our team to go meet some fantastic people in other cities and states

Finally, our CEO Curtis Bell spoke on the importance of team identity and how it builds company culture. The premise of what we do and who we are is based on team work. We train together, we meet together, we eat together, we celebrate together, and we grow together. Curtis broke down how running your office with a clear team identity is key to success, and encouraged everyone to set 1-, 5- and 10-year goals for their business.

The conference ended with a few awards and a seminar by our national consultant Dewayne Long, who shared all about the opportunity for growth in our business. We are constantly expanding our territories and have acquired some new major corporate clients to represent. We are looking for excited, humble, entrepreneur-minded people to join our team and bring with us to our next leadership conference. If this sounds like the professional growth and career opportunity that you want, then check out our current job postings and apply with us today!

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