2019 Top Leaders Conference

There is always time to listen to some good inspirational messages, right? A few of our team members flew off to Dallas for the Top Leaders meeting where they listened to speeches made by people hirer up in the company. It was Jade Meyers and Phoenix Benitez's (two of our corporate trainers) first time going to one of our leader conferences. It was quite the experience for these two. A great experience at that.

It all started with a 3-hour delayed flight! Our team members kept positive attitudes because they knew they were in for an adventure. As soon as they hit Dallas it began...fast pace, meeting after meeting, engaging in all of the knowledge and advice all of our leaders had to offer. "Hearing from someone who is so high up in the company talking to all of us who are getting started is, nice", Jade exclaims. It's a wonderful thing that our leaders care about the growth of not only our company but the people rising up within the company. "I learned to lead by example", Phoenix expressed. People look up to their leaders and it's simple to "talk the talk", but you have to "walk the walk" as well.