What is our company culture? We believe our company culture represents who we are, how we act, and what we stand for as a team. We find these standards at Momentum Advertising invaluable as our business continues to grow. Why? As a business we only expect to grow by consistently bringing increasingly more value to the marketplace. In order to accomplish this we strive everyday to serve more people and to bring a higher quality product to our clients. The increasing depth and quality of our work is derived from the cultural values we hold as a team. We believe the these values are the moral & ethical compass that points us in the right direction and guides our actions. One may ask, so what are these values? Here they are:

1) Do Right – be honest, ethical, and moral
2) Respect everyone – be considerate of others, and be kind
3) Be accountable – don't make excuses or place blame on others
4) Think ahead – plan, and think over the results of one's plan before execution
5) Self Discipline – have the courage to consistently follow through and improve one self
6) Walk with wise people – surround self with people that inspire, not critics
7) Embrace feedback – constructive evaluations help people grow
8) Focus on what's important – one's own belief's, and family
9) Have goals – have a higher purpose
10) Be happy – happiness is a choice, choose wisely

We found in our study of highly successful enterprises like Costco, Google, and Apple that their success has been in part attributed to the cultural standards which everyone on the team was held to. So, at Momentum we came together as a team to decide what standards we would adhere to. Since the implementation of our cultural plan we, also, discovered that team morale, productivity, and activity have all increased . So, as we continue to grow, we will continue to place a premium on attracting new team members to our team which have similar values.