Interviewing candidates is an important part of building any team. The search for candidates to build a business obviously takes time, resources, and hugely impacts the success of any business. At Momentum Advertising, we feel it's one of the most important steps to the success of our business. We agree with Zig Ziglar, “You don't build a business, you build people, and then people build the business.” So finding and training the right individuals, we believe, is on ongoing process that only stops when we want to stop growing. WHICH IS NEVER! So, we put together a list of traits that we believe exemplifies our perfect candidate:

  1. Passion – Not something that can really be taught. Either a person has it or he doesn't. We find this trait a key indicator to success. A motivated individual can do anything he sets his mind to do. Time and time again we have seen a highly motivated person beat a more talented one because of drive to be successful. Not only does a passionate person tend to achieve more, but he tends to be a better teammate too. Passion rubs off. Those with a burning desire find ways to motivate those around themselves to help accomplish goals. Besides, who wants to work with a super talented but directionless teammate?
  2. Have Fun - We found out that people do their best work when they feel great. What better way to feel great than to have some fun while working? We encourage a light-hearted, creative, high-fiving environment. We deal with people all day every day, that's our business. Our success is predicated on serving an ever growing customer base. We like to think we're “pros” at putting a smile on other people's faces. So, obviously, we value team members that help bring life to the workplace, and to customers. Besides, people live longer when they smile more.
  3. Embrace Changes – In order to accomplish great things one must realize their potential to be able to perform at their pinnacle. To realize that potential, a person has to make changes. To get to that potential quickest one might as well embrace those changes. Especially in the business world, being able to quickly make changes in a competitive environment is key to long term success. Besides yesterday's solutions don't always work today. A dynamic culture is, we feel, paramount to our success at Momentum.
  4. Attention to Detail – Obviously, perfection isn't realistic, but striving for that is a quality we value as a team. In business, often times, most customers decide whether or not they like someone (a company representative) within moments of meeting that person. Usually, a company has little opportunity to recover after a bad first impression/experience. Pushing for a “best in class” experience keeps customers/clients coming back time and time again.
  5. Mental Toughness – Mistakes are going to happen, problems are going to arise. The ability to control one's emotions in these challenging situations hugely impacts how well a person performs when things don't go well. Having mental toughness is essential to stay focused on the actions a person needs to execute, not the emotions about the mistake/problem that just happened, to be successful. Every great leader will fall down multiple times, how quickly he picks himself up determines his rate of success.

We believe if an organization is only looking to hire when there is a need then it is too late. Being reactive, instead of proactive, in hiring is not a winning formula in business. Great organizations anticipate the need and are always looking for winning additions to help drive their business forward. Our team members are what continue to drive our business forward in new and creative ways, so this is why we are always looking for great people that want to advance their career and help us grow. If you think you have what it takes, we would love to hear from YOU!


Rhyse Davis
President, Momentum Advertising, Inc.